Integrins and switchable adhesome

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Question Answer
What do adhesion sights enable?Mechanical coupling and sensation of physiochemical environment
How many cytoplasmic interaction partners are there for integrins?12 including Tensin Filamin Plextrin and a Catenin link to AM cytoskeleton (Plex links to IF cytoskel)
How many components of the integrin adhesome are recognised? what from?156 RNA Y2H and Coloc
What is a switchable protein?One with engages in different interactions depending on the situation
What is the mean number of interaction partners in the adhesome? What is curious about this??9 bs- most members have fewer than 9 interaction site @ a given time therefore only bound a subset of partner space
Example of a limited interaction protein with many partners is:Crk 3* Sh domains and 16 partners
How can consormations be switch betwentemp ph Allosteric PTM and Concration dependant changes
What proteisn are mech regVin, Talin, FAK
What is one way to measure the strength of total adhesions?Attach cells to a spinning disk


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