Integrated Software Packages

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT


On this page you will learn about Integrated Software Packages. Good Luck!

Integrated Software Packages consist of:


Question Answer
Word Processingcomputer program used to prepare and manipulate text and apply basic design pages
Spreadsheetscomputer program used to prepare and analyse data and information in tabular format
Databasescomputer program used to manage data and information structured as fields, records and files
Presentationcomputer program used to prepare information in the form of a slide show
Graphicscomputer program used to create and manipulate visual images with more complex designs
Communication computer program used to pass information in different formats between different computers or users

Advantages of Integrated Software Packages


Question Answer
Easy to learnon screen layouts/instructions similar across all programs
Easy to transfer datainformation from one program can be put into other programs quickly
Cheaper to buyless expensive to buy integrated package than individual software packages
Easy to mailmergeinformation from one programs can be combined with another eg word processed letter with database of people’s personal details
Simple dynamic linkagechanges made in one program will automatically be updated in other ones

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