Int Japanese Midterm

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Section 1

Question Answer
xらしいI heard x, it seems x
xが目に見えてるx is easily predictable
それぞれxずつx each
xばxほど~ y「になる」the more you x, the more you y
ぱっとしないunattractive, inconspicuous
あくまでもno matter what, persistently
いよいよat last, finally
わけだso it follows that, so that means
xに決まっているso it is sure to be the case that x
xはずだ ・ xはずがないi feel sure that x / there is no likelihood that x
xてでも、x, even if i must go to extremes
たしか~if i remember correctly
x(いadj+くて・なadj+で)たまらない、しかたがない、しょうがないx is a strong emotion that cannot be controlled
頭に来るよ!I'm angry
冗談じゃないわよ!you have got to be kidding me
いいかげんにしなさい!give me a break
この間一緒にいた人は誰?who were you with?
xでa definitive end (using 終わる・やめる・切れる・閉まる)
sentence のはxだit is x that [sentence]! emphasis on x as the reason/adj
無理やりforced to do, done forcibly
よっぽど must be really / considerably
xこそyou also, same as も but emphatic / extreme
xせいbecause of x, thanks to x (negative) (opposite is おかげ)
x(ます)っぱなしto continue x for a long time
xふりをするto pretend x
xぐらいできて当たり前だanyone can do x / no wonder you can do x
x(plain verb)わけにはいかないcan't do x for social/moral/situational reasons
x(ます)放題do x as much as you want

Section 2

Question Answer
悪用akuyou / abuse
慌てるowateru / to panic
有無umu / whether or not
抑えるosaeru / to suppress
我慢gaman / to put up with
管理kanri / control;management
逆効果gyakukouka / opposite effect
緊急kinkyuu / emergency
苦情kujiyou / complaint
詳しいkuwashii / detail
気配kehai / sign;indication
財産zaisan / property;assets
時給jikyuu / hourly wage
冗談joudan / joke
損するsonsuru / to suffer a loss
年齢nenrei / age
腹が立つhara ga tatsu / to get angry
誉めるhomeru / to praise
噂話uwasabanashi / gossip
運命unmei / fate
偉いerai / admirable
縁起engi / luck
応援ouen / cheer, support
解放kaihou / release
確率kakuritsu / probability
敬語keigo / honorific
決勝戦kesshousen / championship game
逆転gyakuten / reversal ; turnabout
偶然guuzen / coincidence
御馳走するgosasou suru / to treat someone to
瞬間shunkan / moment
地震jishin / earthquake
騙すdamasu / to decieve
覗くnozoku / to peep into
噴火funka / eruption
保険hoken / insurance
迷信meishin / superstition
予想yosou / prediction