Instrumentation A

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Question Answer
Army Navy Retractor - tissue or bone retraction
Babcock Forceps - grasping soft tissue or bowel
Balfour Retractor - retraction of abd incisions
Burford Rib Spreader
Deaver Retractor - hold organs away from surgical site; hold edges of an abdominal or chest incisions open
Debakey Bulldog Clamp - clamping vasculature
Debakey Forceps - grasping soft tissues, vessels, and bowel
Duval Forceps - grasping lung or stomach; grasps large area of to reduce trauma
Excel Trocars - used to introduce surgical tools into the body for lap procedures
Fine Debakey Forceps - atraumatic tissue forcep
Finochetto Rib Spreaders
Frazier Suction Tip - suction in confined spaces and for accurate suction
Harrington Retractor - separate edges of surgical incisions or wounds or organs and tissue from surgical site
Kelley-Richardson Retractor - general retraction
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps - cutting bone
Ribbon Retractor
Russian Forceps - generalized grasping
Towel Clips
Yankauer Suction Tip - generalized suction

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