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Question Answer
Rectus FemorisTibial tuberosity'
Biceps FemorisHead of the fibula
Semitendinosus, Gracilis, SartoriusProximal, medial shaft of the tibia at pes anserinus tendon
SemimembranosusPosterior aspect of medial condyle of tibia
Gluteus MaximusIliotibial tract (upper fibers) and gluteal tuberosity (lower fibers)
Gluteus MediusLateral aspect of greater trochanter
Gluteus MinimusAnterior aspect of greater trochanter
Adductor MagnusMedial lip of linea aspera and adductor tubercle
Adductor LongusMedial lip of linea aspera
Adductor BrevisPectineal line and medial lip of linea aspera
PectineusPectineal line of femur
Tensor Fasciae LataeIliotibial tract
PiriformisSuperior aspect of greater trochanter
Quadratus FemorisIntertrochanteric crest, between the greater and lesser trochanters
Obturator Internus, Gemellus Inferior, Gemellus Superior,Medial surface of greater trochanter
Obturator ExternusTrochanteric fossa of femur
Gemellus SuperiorMedial surface of greater trochanter
Psoas Major, IliacusLesser trochanter

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