Insect Repellants

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Question Answer
DEET is less effective in menF, less effective in women
10 degree increase in temperature causes a 10% reduction in protection timeF, 50%
Higher concentrations of DEET = longer protectionT
Concentrations > 35% show exponential increase in protectiont imeF, over 35%, duration of efficacy increases only minimally
10-35% DEET is adequateT
DEET can damage plastics, rayon, spandex, painted or varnished surfacesT
Sunscreen and DEET can reduce efficacy of both T
Children are at greater risk of developing S/E than adultsF, no difference
Conservative use of low DEET up to 30% is appropriate in childrenT
Picardin has the advantage that it does not have detrimental effect on plastic cf DEETT
Picardin is structurally similar to pepperT
IR3535 provides longer protection and is more efficacious than DEETF, not more efficacious, but does provide longer protection time
Picardin is as efficacious as DEET for ticksF, more efficacious.
Citronella works as long as DEETF, short protection times. Needs frequent reapplication at 1 hour intervals
Citronella candles and plants have a role in insect reppellingF, no evidence
Bite blocker is syntheticF, natural
Bite blocker provides more effect and longer protection than DEETT
BioUD is isolated from wild tomatoT
BioUD is more efficacious than DEET in some mosquitoes and ticksT
7.75% BioUD is as efficacious as 25% DEETT
Eucalyptus evaporates faster than citronellaF, slower
Eucalyptus is safe in the periocular areaF, can cause irritation
Safe for kids > 6 monthsF, need to be 3 years
Permethrin is an insecticideT
Permethrin repels insectsF, works as an insecticide
Permethrin maintains potency for > 2 weeks

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