Insect limbs

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Question Answer
What is ombOpotomer blind - expressed in a wider domain than spat
How do we ectopically induce Hh/Dpp in wing disks?Using UAS Gal4 susterm
What is the evidence for morph activation of Omb=spaltBulls eye patterns of exp reflecting Dpp diffusion from a point source
How was Dpp det to be a morphogen?Induced tkvQD in clones and assay for Omb expression. Cell autonomous
How do Sal, Omb and brk affect Kni/Abrupt expression1)inhibit 2) Activate 3) Inhibit
What evdince is there that engrailed dictates patterning processes?En - clones which do not express hedgehog Dpp produced at interface patterns a new winglet
What are the thresholds of BRk required to inhibit 1) Spat 2) Omb 1) Low 2) high - Back up Dpp gradient
What are the components of inset leg?Femur, Tarsus and Pre tarsus
How does proximo distal patterning occur in insects Combinatorial activity of Dpp and Wg patterning AP and DV pathways + outgrowth
What did Estrella et al demonstrate? When2008 IDenitified structure which prompts rign of central Dll expression. Contained binding sites for mad +Tcf