Input devices

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Question Answer
KeyboardUsed for word processing.
Mouse/Trackball/TouchpadUsed for Menu selection - Dragging and pointing etc.
Joystick/Paddle/ConsoleUsed in gaming
Light penUsed for computer assisted drawing
ScannersUsed for desktop publishing
Optical character readerUsed for computerisation of business papers
Optical mark readerUsed to read ticks on predefined places on pre printed forms


Question Answer
Magnetic ink character readerUsed in banks for cheque processing
Bar code readerUsed at point of sales
Hand held restaurantsUsed for Surveying, Restaurant table orders
Graphics tabletUsed to input CAD, Drawing applications
MicrophoneUsed for Voice recording and speech synthesis
Pen/StylusUsed for Touch phones/PDA
Digital phones/Video Camera, WebcamUsed to capture live image.
All kinds of sensorsInput Devices

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