Innervation of the nasal cavity

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The nose is separated into two sections based on embryonic development. As s result, the innervation and blood supply are separted from each other. what branches suppy the upper and lower divisions The lower division is innervated by V2 and the upper division is innervated by V1.
Innervation of the superior half of the nose Opthalmic CN 5-V1: anterior ethmoidal nerve. It is joined by the external nasal nerve and together they pierces the criibiform plate.
Describe the path of the anterior ethmoidal nerve from inside the nose to the brainThe anterior ethmoidal nerve will be joined by the external nasal nerve, and both of them will peirces the criibriform plate, travel laterally and enter the anterior ethmoidal foramen, and enter the medial aspect of the eye. They will hop onto infratrochlear and travel laterally across the orbit to finally make it to superior orbital fissure
Innervation of the inferior half of the nasal cavityMaxillary CN 5-V2: nasopalatine and greater palatine nerve.
Desribe the path of the nasopalatine and the greater palatine nerves back to the brainThey exit the nasal cavity via the sphenopalatine foramen, form there they trasverse the pterygoidpalatine fossa, and then exit through foramen rotumdum.
External nasal innervationInfratrochlear of V1 will serve the more medial porstion of the nose. There is secondary contribution from the external nasal nerve from V2.
Blood supply to superior noseAnterior, posterior ethmoidal and anastomose with superior labial arteries, branches off of opthlamic, which is a branch of external carotid
Blood supply to inferior noseSphenopalatine, derived from maxillary artery
Anastomosis of the blood vessels of the nose Kiesselbach's plexus
How do sympathettic fibers enter the nasal cavityvia the sphenopalatine and ethmoidal foramen, with nerves and vessels travelling through those foreamen.
Sympathetics of superior nosethey get sympathetics from the opthalmic via internal carotid
Parasympatethics in the nasal cavityenter the sphenopalatine foramine and distribute with branches of anterior ethmoidal and CNV2 to get to both the upper, middle and lower areas of the nose.