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ACL - description70% non-contact due to excessive anterior tibial translation (more forward movement of tibia compared to femur)
ACL- risky movementsduring cutting/landing movements, relatively extended joint position (genu valgus), very soon after ground contact
ankle sprains- descriptionstretching/tearing of one or more ligaments, inversion >90%, once sprain occurred chance of re injury up by 50%
ankle sprains- why is eversion less commonfibula normally prevents it, but if movement forceful enough can break the bottom of fibula and end up as a fracture
plantar fascitis chronic overuse injury leading to irritation and inflammation
shin splintschronic overuse injury, small tears/inflammation of muscles attaching to the tibia, can lead to stress fractures
achilles tendon ruptureacute traumatic injury, load snapping noise, diagnosis= pinch calf, got it if it doesn't move

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