Infosec final 9

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Question Answer
________ emission systems can be used in the suppression of fires.Gaseous
_______ can evaluate each situation as it arises and make reasoned responses.Guards
A(n) _________________________ is typically worn concealed.identification card
_____ can be divided into four categories based on the triggering process: manual, programmable, electronic, and biometric.Locks
A(n) ____________________ is a small enclosure that has separate entry and exit points.mantrap
Electronic monitoring includes ____ systems.closed-circuit television
Interior walls reach only part way to the next floor, which leaves a space above the ceiling of the offices but below the top of the storey. This space is called a(n) ____.plenum
____ occurs when an authorized person presents a key to open a door, and other people, who may or may not be authorized, also enter.tailgating
____ locks can be changed after they are put in service, allowing for combination or key changes without a locksmith and even allowing the owner to change to another access method (key or combination) to upgrade security.Programable
The ____________________ lock may rely on a key that is a carefully shaped piece of metal, which is rotated to turn tumblers that release secured loops of steel, aluminum, or brass.mechanical
The most sophisticated locks are ____ locks.biometric
____________________ detect movement within a confined space and are either active or passive.motion detectors
The thermal detection systems contain a sophisticated heat ____________________.sensor
____ sensors work when two contacts are connected as, for example, when a foot steps on a pressure-sensitive pad under a rug, or a window being opened triggers a pin-and-spring and weight
Fire ____ systems are devices installed and maintained to detect and respond to a fire, potential fire, or combustion danger situation.supression
________ fire detection, include human responses, such as calling the fire department, as well as manually activated alarms, such as sprinklers and gaseous systems.manual
In the ____ approach, the sensor detects an unusually rapid increase in the area temperature within a relatively short period of time.rate of rise
____ temperature sensors detect when the ambient temperature in an area reaches a predetermined level.Fixed
________ detection systems are perhaps the most common means of detecting a potentially dangerous fire, and they are required by building codes in most residential dwellings and commercial buildings.Smoke
The ____________________ detector is a sensor that detects the infrared or ultraviolet light produced by an open flame.flame
Class ____________________ fires are extinguished by agents that interrupt the ability of the fuel to be ignited.A
A(n) ____________________ system has pressurized water in all pipes and has some form of valve in each protected area.wet-pipe
Some sprinkler systems, called ____________________ systems, keep open all of the individual sprinkler heads, and as soon as the system is activated, water is immediately applied to all areas.deluge
A variation of the dry-pipe system is the ______________ system, which has a two-phase response to a fire.pre-action
____ sprinklers are the newest form of sprinkler systems and rely on ultra-fine mists instead of traditional shower-type systems.water-mist
_________ ensures that the returning flow of current is properly discharged to the ground.Grounding
Computing and other electrical equipment in areas where water can accumulate must be uniquely grounded, using ____ equipment.GFCI
A device that assures the delivery of electric power without interruption is a(n) ____.UPS
In the ____ UPS, the internal components of the standby models are replaced with a pair of inverters and converters.line-interactive
A(n) ____________________ or offline UPS is an offline battery backup that detects the interruption of power to the power equipment.standby
___________ UPS can deliver a constant, smooth, conditioned power stream to computing systems.True online
Three Methods of Data interceptionDirect observation, Interception of data transmission, Electromagnetic interception
_______ computing requires even more security than the average in-house systemMobile