Inflammatory Imaging

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Reasons for inflammation/infections:FUO, acute/chronic inflammation, pulmonary disorders, osteomyelitis, evaluation of AIDS, myocardial/pericardial inflammations
Sarcoidosis is:Chronic multi-systemic disease of unknown etiology
Sarcoidosis found:primarily in lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes
Symptoms of Sarcoidosis:Fatigue, weight loss, anorexia, SOB, night sweats
Treatment for Sarcoidosis:Corticosteroids
Ga Citrate dose/half-life:5-10/6 mCi, 78 hr, cyclotron produced
Ga MOLIron analog, transported in blood bound to transferrin
Ga Biorouting1/3 renal, 2/3 retained after 5 days, 26% urine, 9% feces
Ga whole body retentionslow - 65% after 7 days
Ga Critical OrgansLarge Intestine and bone marrow
Ga patient prepNO barium within 48 hours; explain procedure and return times; option of laxatives; liquid or light diet
Ga Imaging Times Infection/Inflammation6 hours, possible 24, 48, 72 hours
Ga Imaging Times Tumors4-24 typically, 48-72 best, optional 96 hours
Ga Whole Body Imaging Parameters10 cm/min
Ga CollimatorME
Why do we use a slow scan speed in Ga imaging?Thick septa, less counts, small dose, multi-energies
Ga StaticsA/P of head, chest, and, pelvis, femur. at 700-1000 kcts
Ga SPECTROI 20-25 sec/stop
Ga Negative Study soft tissueat 6 and 24 hours
Ga Negative Study renal and diffuse lung activity<24 hours
Ga negative if innasopharynx, lacrimal glands, salivary glands, breast, male genitalia, spleen, liver, bone marrow
Ga Negative at 48 hours and beyond iffaint renal and lung activity, still see liver and colon
Ga Positive Study Inflammationhot spots within 6 hours
Ga Positive Study large hematomascold spot
Ga Positive Study Renal at 48 hoursPyelonephritis
Ga Positive Study Renal at 72 hoursInflammation, infection, impaired renal function
Ga Positive Study lymph nodes at 48-96 hoursHodgkins & Non-Hodgkins
Ga Positive Study bowel at 4-6 hoursPositive

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