Infectious disease 1 - beta lactams

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Question Answer
thick cell wall and stain dark purple or bluish in colorgram positive
pink or redish color gram staingram negative
extended spectrum beta lactamases usually have be treated withcarbapenems
MIC=minimum inhibitory concentration. lowest drug conc that prevents visible microbial growth after a 24 hrs incubation.
breakpointMIC which organism is deemed either resistant or suceptible.
when might want to use bactericidal?immunocompromised or deep seated infection like bloodstream or endocarditis
hydrophilicbeta lactams, aminoglycosides
beta lactams or concentration or time dependent?time.....more frequent dosing, extending infusion time, or continuous infusion
beta lactams cidal or static?cidal except against enterococcus
beta lactam moainhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis
zosyn prolonged infusion over ___ hrs4 hours
does not require renal dosage adjustment penicillinsnafcillin, oxacillin, dicloxacillin
cephalosporins moainhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis
cephalosporin time or conc dependent and cidal or static?time dependent and cidal
cephalosporins not active against atypicals or enterococcus
penicillins not active against atypicals
ceftincefuroxime (2nd generation).
cefotancefotetan (2nd generation). activity also against bacteroides fragilis
omnicefcefdinir. more coverage against resistant strep pneumo
rocephinceftriaxone. more coverage against resistant strep penumo
claforancefotaxime. more coverage against resistant strep pneumo
fortaz or tazicefceftazidime. psudeomonas
causes biliary sludging in neonates. do not use under 28 days oldceftriaxone
cross sensitivity with pcn allergy is 10%. do not use with patients type 1 pcn allergy (bad allergy)
side chain that can increase bleeding and disulfiram like reaction with alcohol ingestioncefotetan
cephalosporin no require renal adjustmentceftriaxone
can cover some carbapeneem resistant enterobacteriacaceftazidime/avibactam
maxipimecefepime. pseudomonas
teflaroceftaroline. MRSA
carbapenems moainhibit cell wall snythesis
carbapenems cidal? time dependent?time dependent with cidal
carbapenems no coverATYPICALS, mrsa, VRE,
carbapenem no coverage pseudomonas, actinetobacter, enterococcusertapenem
carbapenems and pcn allergydo not use.
associated with seizurescarbapenem
aztreonam and pcn allergycross reactivity unlikely!
aztrenoam coveragepsudeomonas, no gram positive