Infant Milestones

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Rough & Random MovementNewborn
Head at 90* angle3 months
Arms to prop3 months
Visually track through midline3 months
Purposeful grasp5 months
Roll Over5 months
No Head Lag5 months
Reaches for objects5 months
Transfer from Hand to Hand5 months
plays with feet5 months
exercise thru stretching and moving5 months
touch genitals5 months
rock on stomach for pleasure5 months
Sits in "Tripod"7 months
push head and torso up off the floor7 months
support weight on legs7 months
"raking" with hands7 months
gets to and from sitting9 months
crawls, pulls to standing9 months
stooping and recovering9 months
finger-thumb opposition9 months
hand-eye coordination9 months
coordination with no hand preference9 months
Walking12 months
more complex motor skills15 months
learns to climb up stairs first, then down 2 years

Section 2

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coos, curious and interested in environment4-5 months
babbles and imitates sounds6 months
discriminates between parents and other9 months
trial and error problem solving9 months
beginning of symbolic thinking12 months
points to pictures in books in response to verbal cue12 months
object permanence12 months
some may use single words; receptive language more advanced than expressive language12 months
learns through imitating complex behaviors15 months
knows objects are used for specific purposes15 months
2 word phrases2 years
uses more complex toys and understands sequence of putting toys and puzzles together2 years

Section 3

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responsive to social stimuli5 months
facial expressions of emotion5 months
socially interactive9 months
plays games (patty cake) with caretakers9 months
stranger anxiety11 months
separation anxiety11 months
solitary play11 months
imitation, parallel and symbolic, play2 years

Section 4

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Learns fundamental trust in self, caretakers, environmentNewborn - 12 months
mastery of body and rudimentary mastery of environment (can get others to take care of them)1-3 years
"terrible twos" may begin; willful, stubborn, tantrums12-18 months
feel pride when they are "good" and embarrassment when they are "bad"18-36 months
can recognize distress in others - beginning of empathy18-36 months
are emotionally attached to toys or objects for security18-36 months

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