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how can you increase induced emfmove magnet faster + more coils + stronger magnet
how in emf inducedwhen a wire cuts across lines of a magnetic field by moving a magnet relative to a conductor
what is a cycle dynamorotating a magnet near a coil of wire
how does induction happen (electron level)electrons in a wire experience a force when they travel through a magnetic field; forcing them to move to one end of the wire; leading one end to become positive and the other negative
in a solenoid current passes?anticlockwise round the north pole end and clockwise round the south
Lenz's law statesthe direction of the induced current is always such as to oppose the change that caused it
Why Lenz's lawinduced current creates a magnetic field, this field must act against the field causing it due to the conservation of energy as electrical energy can't be produced from nowhere
unit of magnetic fluxweber
what is faraday's lawinduced emf in a circuit is equal to the rate of change of flux linkage through a circuit

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