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Malasian languages.


mempunyaito have
menyapato greet
Bahasa Indonesia literally Language Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia, an archipellago country in south east Asia. I was born there and perhaps I can contribute a bit here.
Bahasa Indonesia, now refer to as BI is of based on Malay dialect, the same language adopted in Malaysia due to its historical lingua franca role in the region.

Structure of Bahasa Indonesia

S    V   O

John naik sepeda.
John rides bicycle.

Adjective Noun formation

In englisn: Beautiful girl -> Adj Noun
In Bahasa: gadis cantik -> Noun Adj

Some list of Nound adj compound here to drill:

Buah masakripe fruit
Anak badungnaughty kid
Semut hitamblack ant
Kota tuaold town
Mobil mewahluxury car
teh manissweet tea
kopi pahitbitter hence black coffee
bidadari manissweet angel
langit birublue sky

Basic verb form

The basic verb form is quite useful already without any sophistication.
Later I will expand the verb with suffixes, the only thing that might be a little hard to master in Bahasa. Well they said, bahasa is easy. So let's get on it further.

To be

You don't need it in bahasa
I am beautiful is simply "saya cantik"
I am lost is simply "saya sesat"

To do

You could easily import foreign word using me- construction.
English Nounimported wordmeaning
Compositionmengkomposisito compose
Interuptionmenginterupsito interrupt
Disqualificatonmendisqualifikasito disqualify
Organizationmengorganisasito organize
Confirmationmengkonfirmasito confirm
Consolidationmengkonsolidasito consolidate

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