Indian Ocean Tsunami

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Question Answer
Date of tsunami26th December 2004
Magnitude of earthquake on Richter scale9.4
Time of event in Indonesia (Banda Aceh)8:00am
Height of tsunami and distance reached inland20m high and 800m inland
Speed travelled by the tsunami in km/h750km/h
Time in microseconds the day is made shorter due to change in Earth's axis2.68 microseconds
Distance shifted by the Nicobar island laterally1.25m
Total deaths due to tsunami300,000 deaths
Number of people displaces1.7 million
% of ships and fleets destroyed66%
Total damages of the event $5 billion
Number of people the World Bank provided food and water for1.3 million people
Total donations recieved$7 billion
Number of seismographs used by the Tsunami warning system 25 seismographs