Indian National Movement after 1930 2

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Mg launch the civil obedience Movement with dandi march12 March 1930
Civil obedience Movement start6April 1930
GANDHIJI IRWIN compromise8March 1931
First Round table conference London MacDonald Simon Commission12 Nov 1930
Second round table conference London7 Sep 1931
British Pm MacDonald Communal Award giving separate electoral to Harijan 16 Aug 1932
Poona PactSEPT 26 1932
Third Table conference17 November 1932
The Government of India Act4 Aug 1932
Haripuran session Congress Subhash Chandra Bose president20 Feb 1938
President Subhash Chandra resignApril 1939
Second world war3 Sept 1939
Pakistan Resolution Lahore Session of Muslim league1940
August offer Viceroy linlithglow8Aug 1940
Krips mission StephardkrispMarch 1942

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Quit India Movement8 Aug 1942
Shimla conference All political party25 June 1945
British Pm All declare that British government will leave india24 March 1946
First session of Constitution assemblyof india ML boycott9 Dec 1946
Cabinet mission24 March 1946
Mount batten policy3 June 1947
Direct Action Day16 Aug 1946
Indian Independence bill introduce d in house of Commons & passed by the British Parliament4-18 July 1947
Freedom15 Aug
republic26 Jan 1950