Indian Constitution

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Section 1

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Article 14:Equality
Article 18:against conferring any title
Article 196 freedoms
Article 21protection to life and liberty
Article 21 (A)education fundamental right (93 rd amendment)

Section 2

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Article 22:Protection against arrest and detention
Article 23Traffic in human beings and beggars
Article 24Against employment of below the age of 14
Article 25 - 28 freedom of religion
Article 32right to constitutional remedies

Section 3

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Article 36 - 51Directive principles
Article 39planning commission, advisory body
Article 51 Afundamental duties
Article 40Panchayat
Article 45free and compulsory education

Section 4

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Article 112Budget
Article 280,281 finance commission
Article 324election commission
Article 352, 356, 360emergencies
Article 368: Amendment of constitution by parliament
Article 370J& K

Section 5

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Schedule 1 List of states and union territories
Schedule 2Salary of president, Governor, CJ of India
Schedule 3Oath of affirmation
Schedule 4seats allotted to various states and union territories in Rajya Sabha
Schedule 5Administration and control of scheduled areas
Schedule 6Administration of tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram

Section 6

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Schedule 7Union list, state list and concurrent list
Schedule 8Regional languages
Schedule 9Land reforms and abolition of Zamindari system
Schedule 10Disqualification on the grounds of defection
Schedule 11Panchayati Raj institution
Schedule 12List of 18 matters which are responsibilities of municipalities