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Question Answer
Faster Dadygoing without food for a spiritual purpose
Meditationfocusing the mind on spiritual ideas
Buddhaonce known as siddharta gauma,he become known as"Enlightened One"
Buddhismthe religion based on the teachings of Budddha
Nirvanaa state of perfect peace
Putothe basic teaching of buddhism
Eightfold Paththe practices of buddhism
Missionariespeople who spread thier religious beliefs
Asokaruler of the Mauryan Empire in India who spread Buddhism to China
Mokshaa word for salvation
Dharma doing one's duty in life. Fulfilling your calling or duty
karmathe idea that a person's behavior,whether good or bad ,affects thier soul
Subcontinentunder the continent - its is a large landmass smaller than a continent CUM!!!
Landformsthe natural features of the land's surface such as mountians,desert...
Moonsoonsseasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons
Citadela fortress built on top of a plateau used for protection
ARYANSthe people who attacked Mohenj-Dora & Harappa and took power