India ranking in different Indexes

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India is home to the highest number of hungry people in the world, surpassing China, according to United Nations annual hunger report 194 million
2015 Global Peace Index 143 (Iceland top the list while Syria the most violent place)
2015 World Bank - Ease of Doing Business" report 142 (Singapore top)
2015 World Press Freedom Index 136 in the list of 180 countries
2015 Human Development Index 135 (Norway top followed by Australia)
2015 Gender Development Index132
2015 India‘s consumer confidence score rose to 131
2015 FM Global Resilience Index119
2015 World Economic Forum's Gender gap index 114 (Iceland top the list followed by Finland & Norway)
2015 Global Hunger Index Report 55 (Mauritius top followed by Thailand and Albania)
2015 Intellectual property (IP) environment 29 (US ranked on the top followed by UK and France;Thailand last;India ranked second last)


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2014 Global Environment Performance Index 155 (Switzerland followed by Luxembourg, Australia)
2014 World Prosperity Index 106
2014 Transparency International India (TII) – Corruption Index 85 (Denmark topped)
2014 Global Innovation Index 76
2014 Global Competitiveness Index 71 (Switzerland is the most competitive economy, followed by Singapore).
World Effective stock market regulation ranking62 (South Africa is on the top followed by Finland, Hong Kong)