India Rank in Indexes Announced Recently 2015 ,2014

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Question Answer
Global Competitiveness Index 2015India at 55th position among 140 economies.(Topped by Switzerland)
Global Terrorism Index 2015Out of the 162 countries surveyed, India was the sixth most affected by terrorism in 2014.(Iraq the most affected by terrorism. The least affected country in 2014 is Japan)
Legatum Prosperity Index 2015 or Global Prosperity Index 2015India ranked 99 out of the 142 countries surveyed(Topped by Norway)
World Bank Ease of doing business 2016India ranked 130 out of the 189 countries surveyed(Doing Business 2016’ is topped by Singapore)
World Giving Index 2015India ranked 106(Mayanmar ranked highest in the world for generosity)
Freedom on the Net 2015 reportIndia ranked 30 out of 65 countries(Iceland was chosen the most internet free country)
Global Gender Gap Report 2015India ranked 108 ( Iceland topped it.)
Global Peace IndexIndia ranked 143 (Topped by Iceland)
Corruption IndexIndia ranked 85 (Topped by Denmark)
World Happiness index 2015India ranked 117 (Topped by Switzerland)
Intellectual property (IP) environment 2015India ranked 29 (Topped by US)
World Press Freedom Index 2015India ranked 136 (Topped by Finland)
Global Innovation Index 2015India ranked 81 (Topped by Switzerland)