Index and Ogranizations

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Index/Report - Organization

Question Answer
Inclusive Developement IndexWorld Economic Forum
Environmental Performance IndexWorld Economic Forum
Global Competitive indexWorld Economic Forum
Network Readiness IndexWorld Economic Forum
Travel and Tourism competitive IndexWorld Economic Forum
Global Infromation technology reportWorld Economic Forum
Travel and tourism competitiveness reportWorld Economic Forum
Democracy Index Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
Global Gender gap reportWorld Economic Forum
Global risks ReportWorld Economic Forum
Energy Transition IndexWorld Economic Forum
Ease of doing business indexWorld bank
Ease of doing business reportWorld bank
Starting a business IndexWorld bank
Index of investor protectionWorld bank
logistics Performance IndexWorld bank
Global Education Monitoroing (GEM) reportWorld bank + IMF
World Input Output databaseWorld bank
World Developement ReportWorld bank
Global economic ProspectsWorld bank
Forest carbon partnership facilityWorld bank
Education IndexUNDP
Gender Empowerment Measure /IndexUNDP
Gender equality IndexUNDP
Human Developement IndexUNDP
Human Poverty IndexUNDP
Global Talent competitive IndexINSEAD
Global Entrepreneurship IndexGlobal Entrepreneurship and developement Institute
Global Hunger IndexInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Global hunger reportInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Global Innovation IndexCornell University, INSEAD, WIPO
Global Innovation ReportCornell University, INSEAD, WIPOGlobal Peace index
Global Peace IndexInstitute of Economics and Peace (IEP)
Global slavery indexWalk free foundation
Habitat commitment Index (HCI)Global Urban Futures Project
Global Terrorism IndexInstitute of Economic and Peace (IEP)
ICT Developemnt Index (IDI)International Telecommunication Unit
Living Planet ReportWorld Wildlife Fund
World Press Freedom IndexReporters without Borders (RWB)
World Giving IndexCharities Aid Foundation
School Education Quality IndexNITI Ayog
Performance on health outcome IndexNITI Ayog
Annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin ReportWorld Metrological Organization
Ecnomic SurveyDepartment of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
Wholesale Price IndexOffice of Economic Advisor
Facility Stability ReportRBI