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Viceroy at the time of the formation Of INCLord Dufferin
The first session of the INCDecember 1885
Second PresidentDadabhai Naoroji
Badruddin Tyyabji (first Muslim President)Madras
First non Indian presidentGeorge Yule

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Annie Besant (first woman President)Calcutta
Sarojini Naidu (first Indian woman President)Kanpur
Split 1907 (Surat session)Garam Dal(Extr)- Tilak/ Naram Dal(Mod) -Gokhale
1907Rasbehari Ghosh
Jawaharlal Nehru first Elected1929 (Lahore Session)

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"Poorna Swaraj"1929 Lahore session
Subhash Chandra Bose1938 (Haripura Session)
President when India won Freedom1946 (Meerut) Acharya J.B.Kriplani
Most elected Congress PresidentJawaharlal Nehru
First Congress President in Independent India1948 (Jaipur) Dr. Sitaramayya

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“Uncrowned Prince of Maharashtra”Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Name a revolutionary of PunjabAjit Singh
Name a revolutionary of MadrasChidambaram
important role in the Swadeshi movementBal Gangadhar Tilak
Viceroy of India when Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged Lord Irwin

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The Constituent Assembly was set up underCabinet Mission Plan
Who first put forward the scheme of the Partition of BengalWilliam Ward
Name of the new province created as a result of the Partition of BengalEastern Bengal and Assam
Ceremony that was observed on the day of the Partition of BengalRakhi-Bandhan
Name a newspaper opposition to the Partition of BengalSandhya
When was the Partition of Bengal annulled1911

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First session in a village1937 Faizpur J.L.Nehru
First All India Youth Congress FormedCalcutta Motilal Nehru
Youngest PresidentDelhi (sp.session) Abdul Kalam Azad
1905 Banaras G.K.Gokhale
1919 AmritsarMotilal Nehru

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