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INC Annual Sessions and President

Question Answer
1885Madras - WC Banerjee - 1st Session
1886Calcutta - Dadabai Naoroji - National Conference + INC merger
1887Madras - Syed Badrudin Tyabji - Appeal to muslims - join hands with national leaders
1899Lucknow - RC Dutt - Demand for permanent fixation of land revenue
1905Benares - GK Gokhale - resentment against partition of Bengal
1906Calcutta - Dadabai Naoroji - the word swaraj mentioned for the 1st time
1907Surat - Rash behari Ghosh - Extremists, moderates split
1908Madras - Rash behari Ghosh - Constitution of INC drawn
1909Lahore - M M Malviya - disapproval of seperate electorates on basis of religion (ICA 1909)
1916Lucknow - AC Majumdar - Reunion of Congress - Lucknow pact
1919Amritsar - Motilal Nehru - Strongly condemned Jalliawalla massacre - boosted Khilafat movement
1920Ahhmedabad - C Vijayaragavachariar - a new Constitution for INC framed
1922Gaya - CR Das - swarajya party formed
1927Madras - MA Ansari - Independence resolution adopted - resolved boycott of Simon Commission
1928Calcutta - Motilal Nehru - 1st time All India Youth Congress comes in to being
1929Lahore - Jawaharlal Nehru - passed purna swaraj resolution - Authorised working committee to launch CD Programme
1931Karachi - Vallabai patel - endorsement of Gandhi-Irwin pact - resolution of FR and National Economic Programme passed
1936 AprilLucknow - Jawaharlal Nehru - President urges congress to adopt socialistic goal
1936Faizpur - Jawaharlal Nehru - 1st time village
1938Haripura - SC Bose - National Planning committee set up under chairmanship of Jawaharlal Nehru
1939Tripuri - SC Bose - Rajendra Prasad took over as president after SC Bose resigned