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Question Answer
January 01Global Family Day
January 05Louis Braille Day
January 09NRI Day
January 10World Laughter Day
January 12National Youth Day
January 15 Army Day
January 23 Netaji Birth Day
January 25National Voters Day
January 25National Tourism Day
January 26International Customs Day
January 28Data Protection Day
January 28Lala Lajapathirai Birthday
January 30Martyrs' Day
January 30World Leprosy Eradication Day
January 30Sarvodaya Day
February 04World Cancer Day
February 06International Day against female genital mutlilation
February 12Darwin Day
February 12World Day of Sick
February 20World Day of Social Justice
February 21International Mother Language Day
February 22World Scout Day
February 23World Peace and Understanding Day
February 24Central Excise Day
February 28National Science Day
March 01Zero Discrimination Day
March 03World Wildlife Day
March 04World Day for fight against sexual exploitation
March 08International Women's Day
March 11No Smoking Day
March 12Central Industrial Security Force Foundation Day
March 13World Kidney Day
March 15World Disable Day
March 15World Consumer Rights Day
March 18Ordnance Manufacturing Day
March 20International Day of Happiness
March 20World Day of Theater for Child and Young
March 20World Sleepy Day
March 21World Poetry Day
March 21World Syndrome Day
March 21World Forest Day and Tree Day
March 21International Day for elimination racial discrimination
March 22World Water Day
March 23World Metrological Day
March 24World TB Day
March 24International Day for Achievers
March 24Rural Postal Life Insurance Day
March 27World Drama Day

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April 02World Autism Day
April 05National Maritime Day
April 07World Health Day
April 07Special Protection Group Foundation Day
April 10World Homeopathy Day
April 12International Day for Human Space Flight
April 14World Aeronautics and Cosmology Day
April 14Ambedkar Birthday
April 17World Hemophilia Day
April 18World Heritage Day
April 19World Liver Day
April 21Civil Service Day
April 22Earth Day
April 23World Book and Copyright Day
April 24Panchayat Divas
April 25World Malaria Day
April 26World Intellectual Property Day
April 28World Day for Safety and Health at Work
April 29International Dance Day
April 30International Jazz Day
May 01International Labors Day
May 03Press Freedom Day
May 04Coal Mines Day
May 2nd SundayMothers Day
May 08World Red Cross Day
May 09Victory Day
May 07World Laughter day
May 08World Thalassamia Day
May 08International Pthylesemia Day
May 11National Technology Day
May 11World Migratory Bird Day
May 12International Nurse Day
May 14World Migratory Day
May 15International Day of Family
May 17World Telecommunication Day
May 21Anti Terrorism Day
May 22World Day of Biological
May 24Commonwealth Day
May 29International Day for UN Peacekeeper
May 31Anti Tobacco Day
June 01Global Day of Parents
June 04International Day for Innocent Child Victims
June 05World Environmental Day
June 06International Olympics Association Establish Day
June 07International Level Crossing Awaraness Day
June 08World Ocean Day
June 12World Day against Child Labor
June 2nd SundayFathers Day
June 14World Blood Donor Day
June 20World Refugee Day
June 21World Music Day
June 23UN Public Service Day
June 23International Widow Day
June 26International Day against Drug Abuse
June 27World Diabetes Day

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July 01National Doctors Day
July 01SBI Foundation Day
July 04International Day for Cooperatives
July 06World Zoonosis Day
July 11World Population Day
July 12World Malala Day
July 18Nelson Mandela Day
July 26Kargil Memorial Day
July 28World Hepatitis Day
July 28World Nature Conservation Day
August 01World Breast Feeding Day
August 02International Friendship Day
August 03Independence Day of Niger
August 06World Peace Day
August 06Hiroshima Day
August 09Quit India Day and Nagasaki Day
August 09International Day of World Indigenous People
August 12International Youth Day
August 12World Elephant Day
August 15Independence Day
August 19World Humanitarian Day
August 19World Photography Day
August 29National Sports Day
August 29National Day against Nuclear Test
September 05Teachers Day
September 05Forgiveness Day
September 08World Literacy Day
September 12 World Oral Health Day
September 14Hindi Day
September 14Worlf First aid Day
September 16Ozone Day
September 16Engineers Day in India
September 20Railway Police Force Foundation Day
September 21International Day of Peace
September 25Social Justice Day
September 26Day of Deaf
September 27World Tourism Day
September 29World Heart Day

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October 01International Day of Older Person
October 02Birthday of Lal Bhadur Sastri
October 02International Day of Non Violence
October 03World Nature Day
October 04World Animal Welfare Day
October 05World Teachers Day
October 08Indian Air Force Day
October 09World Post Office Day
October 10National Post Day
October 10World Mental Day
October 11Loknayak Jaiprakash Birthday
October 11International Girl Child Day
October 12World Arthritis Day
October 13UN Disaster Reduction Day
October 14World Standards Day1
October 15World Hand wash Day
October 16World Allergy Awareness Day
October 16World Food Day
October 17International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
October 20World Statistics Day
October 24World Development Information Day
October 24World Polio Day
October 30World Thrift Day
October 31Death Anniversary of Indra Gandhi
November 01World Vegan Day
November 05World Radiography Day
November 09World Services Day
November 11Education Day
November 14Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday
November 17National Journalism Day
November 18World Adult Day
November 19World Citizen Day
November 19World Toilet Day
November 21World Fish Day
November 25World Non Veg Day
November 26Law Day
November 30Flag Day
December 01World Aids Day
December 02World Computer Literacy Day
December 02International Day of abolition of Slavery
December 03World Conservation Day
December 04Navy Day
December 05International Volunteer Day
December 07Armed Forces Flag Day
December 07International Civil Aviation Day
December 09International Day against Corruption
December 10Human Rights Day
December 11International Mountain Day
December 11World Asthma Day
December 14International Energy Day
December 18International Migrants Day
December 19Goa's Liberation Day
December 20International Human Solidarity
December 22National Mathematics Day
December 23Farmers Day
December 25Good Governance Day
December 26CRPF Foundation Day
December 29International Biodiversity Day

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Question Answer
January 01Nagaland Day
January 21Manipur, Megalaya, and Tiripura Day
February 06JK Day
February 20Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh Day
March 11Andaman Nichobar Day
March 22Bihar Day
March 30Rajastan Day
April 01Orissa Day
April 14Tamilnadu Day
April 15Himachal Pradesh Day
May 01Gujarat and Maharastra Day
May 16Sikkim Day
June 02Telangana Day
November 01Chhattisgarh, UP, Punjab,Haryana, MP, and Karnataka Day
November 15Jharkand Day
November 09Uttarkand Day
December 19Goa , Kerala, and Andra Pradesh Day