Important people in D&C

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Question Answer
Thomas B. MarshPresident of the Quorum of the 12, Excommunicated then returned, "Physician of the Church"
Orson HydeServed an early mission with Samuel H. Smith, Ordained an Apostle, Dedicated the land of Palestine for the gathering of the Jews
William E. MclellinSchool teacher, Struggled with Sexual sin, Apostle in Sidney Rigdon's church
Parley P. PrattServed both Lamanite and Shaker Missions, Member of the 12
Orson PrattBaptized at the age of 19, taught by his brother
Oliver CowderyScribe for Joseph Smith, Left the church but came back, First preacher of the church, Called to the Laminite Mission
David Whitmer"The abundant witness", Left the church and never returned, One of the three witnesses
Martin HarrisOne of the three witnesses, left the church but returned, Lost 116 pages
Sidney RigdonSecond scribe for Joseph, Left the church and founded his own, Minister from Ohio
Samuel SmithFirst Missionary, 3rd person baptized, first to be ordained an elder, one of the 8 witnesses of the plates
John Whitmer2nd church historian, Apostatized, wrote first church history
Hiram PageBelieved he received revelations through a "seer stone", beaten by a mob, apostatized
Edward PartridgeFirst Bishop, Went on missions to Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, New York and New England
Leman CopleyMission to the shakers, excommunicated, promised to give land then went back on his word
Ezra BoothMember for 5 months, criticized Joseph Smith and tried to kill him, First to publish anti-Mormon literature
Newel K WhitneySecond Bishop, Owned a store that became a meeting place and the Bishop's storehouse,
Sidney GilbertBought a printing press and brought it to Missouri, Faithful but afraid to serve a mission, thrown out by mobs
WW PhelpsBrought a printing press and brought it to Missouri, wrote books for kids, gave testimony that put Joseph in Liberty Jail.