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Important Operation By Indian Defence

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Operation Sojila (1948)Military operations in Ladakh
Operation Polo (1948)Indian armed forces ended the rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad
Operation Vijay (1961)by the Indian Military to capture of Goa, Daman and Diu and Anjidiv Islands from the Portuguese Colonial Holding
Operation Bluestar (1984)To remove Sikh separatists from Golden Temple of Amritsar
Operation Pawan (1987)Operations by the IPKF to take control of Jaffna from the LTTE
Operation Virat (1988)anti-insurgency operation launched by the IPKE against the LTTE
Operation Trishul (1988)anti-insurgency operation launched by the IPKF against the LTTE
Operation Checkmate (1988)anti-insurgency operation by the IPKF against the LTTE
Operation Cactus (1988)Indian armed forces oust Tamil nationalist mercenaries who instigated a coup in Male in the Malidives.
Operation Vijay (1999)To push back the infiltrators from the Kargil Sector
Operation Parakram (2001)In response to a militant attack on Indian Parliament,India mobilised & deployed its troop in Indo-Pak border.
Operation Black Tornado (2008)Action by NSG to unearth terrorists in Taj Hotel in Mumbai.
Operation Trident(1971)Naval attack launched on Pakistan's port city Karachi by Indian Navy.
Operation Sukoon(2006)To evacuate Indian nationalists during the Lebanon War By Indian Navy
Operation Meghdoot(1984)To gain control over the Siachen Glacier by INF
Operation Poomalai (1987)To help Indian Peace Keeping Force in Jaffna in Srilanka by INF
Operation Safed Sagar (1999)To flush Pakistan Army from LOC during Kargil War by IAF
Operation Rhino (1992)To unearth the ULFAs in Assam.
Operation Bajrang (1990)Aganist the ULFAs in Assam.
Operation Cyclone (2008)by NSG to unearth terrorists in Nariman Point in Mumbai.
Operation Goodwill (2005)J&K Humanitarian tasks
Operation Good Samaritan (1995)Manipur Humanitarian tasks
Operation Surya Hope (2013)for saving people trapped in the 2013 Uttrakhand Flood
Operation All Out (2015)(2017)for flushing out militants from Kashmir region of J&K
Operation Maitri (2015)India's Army-led rescue and relief mission in quake-hit Nepal
Operation Raahat (2015)To evacuate Indian citizens and other foreign nationals from Yemen Civil War
Operation Nistar (2018)Using INS Sunayna to evacuate Indian citizens from Yemen Island of Socotra who were stranded by Cyclone Mekenu By Indina Navy
Operation Sankat Mochan (2016)To evacuate Indian Citizens and other foreign nationals from South Sudan Civil War By IAF
Operation Insaniyat (2017)To supply relief packages to Bangladesh for migrant Rohingya Muslims By IAF
Operation Madad (2018)To Evacuate people from Kerala Flood By Indian Navy

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