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Important Measuring devices

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Question Answer
Anemometerspeed of wind
ActinometerHeating power of radiation, solar radiation
AmmeeterElectric current in a circuit
Audiometerintensity of sound, used to conclude hearing loss
Altimetermeasure altitudude, used in aircrafts
AuxanometerRoot pressure in plant (growth)
Audiophoneused for improving imperfect sence of hearing
Bolometerelectromagnetic radiation with the help of temperature
Berographcontinuous recording of atmospheric pressure
BarometerAtmospheric pressure
Beaufort scaleWind velocity
CathetometerVertical distances
Calorimeterquantity of heat
Callipersdiameters of thin cylinder/wire
Cinematographprojecting pictures on the screen
ColorimeterCompares intensity of colours
CommutatorUsed in generators to reverse the direction of electric current
Crescograph (invented by Jagadish Chandra Bose)measuring growth in plant
CryometerMeasurement of low temperature
CyclotronUsed for accelerating charged particles in microwave oscillator
Carburettorused in an internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol vapor
Cardiogramtrace movement of heart
Choronometerlongitude of a place kept on ship
DensimeterSpecific gravity of liquids
DurometerHardness of substance
DynamometerForce or torque, measures the power output of an engine
DensitometerOptical density of a photographic film
Dilatometerchange in volume of substances
ElectroencephalographElectrical activity of the brain
EudiometerGas volume measurement
Electroscopedetect presence of an electric charge
Endoscopeused for examine inernal parts of body
ElectrocardiographElectrical activity of the heart
ElaeometerSpecific gravity of oils
ErgometerMeasure work Performance by Exercise
Fluxmetermagnetic flux
Fathometerdepth of ocean
Fluorimetertrace of uranium in water
GalvanometerElectric current of low magnitude
Gramophonereproducing recorded sound
Gyroscopemeasuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity
Geiger countermeasures ionizing radiation
HydrophoneMeasure sound under water
HypsometerDetermines boiling point of liquids
HydrometerSpecific gravity of liquids
HygrometerHumidity of air, Density of water in air
Kymographgraphically records physiological movements (blood pressure and heart beat)
LactometerSpecific gravity of milk
LysimeterBalance of water in soil, evapotranspiration
Lux mererLight intersity
MagnetometerStrength of magnetic fields
Machmeterthe speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound
MicrophoneConverts sound waves into electrical signals.
NephelometerConcentration of suspended particulates in a liquid or gas colloid
Odometermeasure the distance travelled
OndometerFrequency of EM waves (radio waves)
Optometer testing the refractive power of the eye
OtoscopeUsed for visual examination of the eardrum
Pyrheliometermeasuring Solar radiation
PlastometerFlow properties of plastic materials
Psophometermeasures the perceptible noise of a telephone circuit
Phonographproducing sound
Photometercompare luminous intensity of the source of lights
Periscopeused to see object above see level
Pyrometermeasures very high temperature
Sling psychrometeratmospheric humidity
PlanimeterArea of 2D figure
Potometermeasuring the rate of water uptake of a leafy shoot
PolarimetryPolarization of transverse waves, electromagnetic waves
pycnometerdensity, volume
Rain gaugerecording rainfall at a perticular place
Radiometeremission of radiant energy
Refractometerrefractive index
ReapirometerRate of Breathing
SpirometerVolume of air
SpectrometerProperties of light in a specific portion of electromagnetic spectrum
SeismometersMovement of Earth Surface, earthquack
Saccharimeteramount of sugar in solution
Salinometersalinity of solution
spectroheliographtaking photographs of the sun in light of one wavelength only
Stereoscopetwo dimension picture
Stethoscopeused to analyse heart and lung sound
Straboscopeused to view rapidly moving object
SphygmomanometerBlood pressure
Sextant to find the latitude of place, also used to measure the height of very distant objects
SperometerCurveture of Spherical Object
SpectophotometerGrowth of bacteria
Sonometerlaw of vibrating string
Tonometerpitch of a sound
TacometerSpeed of rotation (rpm)
Transformerconverting high voltage to low and vice-versa without change in its frequency
TransponderTo receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately in satellites
Teleprinterused to transmit typed messages
Telescopedistant object in space
Telemeterphysical happening at distant place
Thermostatregulate the temperature at particular place
Taseometer measurs strains in a structure
TensiometerSurface tension of liquids
ViscometerViscosity of a fluid
VoltmeterElectric potential difference, voltage
VernierSmall sub-division of scale
VU Metermeasure power levels of audio frequency signals
Venturmeterrate of flow of liquid

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