Important Days And Dates In October

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Question Answer
Oct 01World Day for Elderly (UN)
Oct 02International Peace Day, Gandhi Jayanti
Oct 03World Nature Day
Oct 04World Animal Day
Oct 05World Teacher's Day[UNESCO]
(First Monday in October)World Habitat Day
Oct 08National Airforce Day (India)
Oct 09International Post-Office Day,World Post Day
Oct 10National Post-Office Day, World Mental Health Day
Oct 11International Day of the Girl Child
Oct 12World Sight Day
Oct 13International Day for Disaster Reduction
Oct 15International Day of Rural Women
Oct 16World Food Day [FAO]
Oct 17International Poverty Day
Oct 20World Statatics Day
Oct 24United Nation Day,World Development Information Day
Oct 27World Day for Audiovisual Heritage [UNESCO]
Oct 28International Animation Day
Oct 30World Thrift Day
Oct 31National Intigration Day,Birthday anniversary of Indira Gandhi,World Cities Day


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