Important Days And Dates In December

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Question Answer
Dec 01World Aids Day
Dec 02International day for the abolistion of slavery
Dec 03World Disability Day, World Day of Handicapped
Dec 04National Navy Day
Dec 05International Volunteers day for economic and social development,World Soil Day [FAO]
Dec 07National Army Flag Day
Dec 07International Civil Aviation day
Dec 09International Anti-corruptionDay, National Girl Child Day(India)
Dec 10World Human Rights Day
Dec 11UNICEF Day, World asthma day,International mountains day
Dec 14National Energy Conservation Day (India)
Dec 18International Migrants Day
Dec 19Goa's Libration Day
Dec 20International Human solidarity day
Dec 23Farmer's Day, Kisaan Diwas
Dec 25Chrismas Day


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