Important Dates

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Start of Agriculture8000 BC
First Sumerian Cities3000 BC
Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Greek Golden Age5th Century BC
Alexander the Great323 BC
Fall of Mauryan184 BC
Start of Christianity32
End of Han220
Rise of Islam622
Genghis Khan1206
Ottomans take Constantinople1453

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Columbus to Hispanola1492
Carribean Slave Trade1502
Silver at Potosi1545
Battle of Skigahara and Tokugawa Shogunate1600
Industrial Revolution1760s
French Revolution1789
Haitian Independance1804
Sepoy Mutiny, India1857
End of Russian Serfdom/Italian Unification1861
Russo-Japanese War1905

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Mexican Revolution1910-1920
Chinese Revolution1911
World War I1914-1919
Russian Revolution1917
Japanese Invasion of Manchuria1931
End of World War II and Atom Bombs in Japan1945
Freedom and Partitioning of India1947
Chinese Communist Revolution1949
de-Stalinization and Suez Canal Nationalization1956
Ghana is first independant African State1957

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Cuban Revolution1959
Iranian Revolution1979
Tiananmen Square and End of Berlin Wall1989
Fall of USSR and 1st Gulf War1991

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