Important Brodmann Areas

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Important Brodmann's Areas


Cerebral cortex functions and their associated Brodmann's Areas

Brodmann's Areas

Brodmann's AreaCortical Function
Areas 3, 1 & 2Primary Somatosensory Cortex (frequently referred to as Areas 3, 1, 2 by convention)
Area 4Primary Motor Cortex
Area 5Somatosensory Association Cortex
Area 6Premotor cortex and Supplementary Motor Cortex (Secondary Motor Cortex)(Supplementary motor area)
Area 7Somatosensory Association Cortex
Area 8Includes Frontal eye fields
Area 9Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Area 10Anterior prefrontal cortex (most rostral part of superior and middle frontal gyri)
Area 11Orbitofrontal area (orbital and rectus gyri, plus part of the rostral part of the superior frontal gyrus)
Area 12Orbitofrontal area (used to be part of BA11, refers to the area between the superior frontal gyrus and the inferior rostral sulcus)
Area 13 and Area 14*Insular cortex
Area 15*Anterior Temporal Lobe
Area 16Insular cortex
Area 17Primary visual cortex (V1)
Area 18Secondary visual cortex (V2)
Area 19Associative visual cortex (V3,V4,V5)
Area 20Inferior temporal gyrus
Area 21Middle temporal gyrus
Area 22Superior temporal gyrus, of which the caudal part is usually considered to contain the Wernicke's area
Area 23Ventral posterior cingulate cortex
Area 24Ventral anterior cingulate cortex.
Area 25Subgenual area (part of the Ventromedial prefrontal cortex)
Area 26Ectosplenial portion of the retrosplenial region of the cerebral cortex
Area 27Piriform cortex
Area 28Ventral entorhinal cortex
Area 29Retrosplenial cingulate cortex
Area 30Part of cingulate cortex
Area 31Dorsal Posterior cingulate cortex
Area 32Dorsal anterior cingulate cortex
Area 33Part of anterior cingulate cortex
Area 34Dorsal entorhinal cortex (on the Parahippocampal gyrus)
Area 35Perirhinal cortex (in the rhinal sulcus)
Area 36Ectorhinal area, now part of the perirhinal cortex (in the rhinal sulcus)
Area 37Fusiform gyrus
Area 38Temporopolar area (most rostral part of the superior and middle temporal gyri)
Area 39Angular gyrus, considered by some to be part of Wernicke's area
Area 40Supramarginal gyrus considered by some to be part of Wernicke's area
Areas 41 and 42Auditory cortex
Area 43Primary gustatory cortex
Area 44Pars opercularis, part of the inferior frontal gyrus and part of Broca's area
Area 45Pars triangularis, part of the inferior frontal gyrus and part of Broca's area
Area 46Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Area 47Pars orbitalis, part of the inferior frontal gyrus
Area 48Retrosubicular area (a small part of the medial surface of the temporal lobe)
Area 49Parasubicular area in a rodent
Area 52Parainsular area (at the junction of the temporal lobe and the insula)