Important Acupuncture Points with Functions

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Point #LocationWhy it's important
Liver 32 cun up from the base of the big toe and the next toeSource point for the liver; Part of Four Gates
Liver 55 cun above inside ankle boneBreaks through blockages; Emotional breakthrough
Liver 82 cun up from the knee bend (inside)Liver Go point; Treats all knee problems
Gallbladder 81.5 cun above the top of the earExtraordinary for migraines, headaches w/vomiting and cluster headaches
Gallbladder 91.5 cun above and 0.5 cun back from top of the earExtraordinary for migraines, headaches w/vomiting (strong for the vomiting) and cluster headaches
Gallbladder 12Behind the bone that is behind the earlobe
Gallbladder 20Just below the base of the skull on meridian linePool of wind for GB; Flu point
Gallbladder 21On the top of the TrapeziusEmotional release point; moves chi in a downward direction
Gallbladder 25Tip of the last rib on the backMain steroid release point; Prolongs effectiveness of treatment
Gallbladder 333 cun above the knee (outside)Treats/Great for all knee problems
Gallbladder 34Between the Tibia and Fibula at the knee (outside)GB Go point;
Gallbladder 393 cun above ankle (outside)Treats any pain that goes in a downward direction
Spleen 63 cun above the middle of the ankle bone (inside)Taken with Sp 7 and Lv 5 to treat any inflammation or stagnation in the body (dual meridian vortex)
Spleen 76 cun above the middle of the ankle bone (inside)The Leaky Valley; Taken with Sp 6 and Lv 5 to treat any inflammation or stagnation in the body (dual meridian vortex)
Spleen 9Bend in the top of the Tibia (hook); inside hook inside knee, or notch at head of Tibia
Spleen 154-4.5 cun outside navel, on nipple line (where nipple and navel lines intersect)
Stomach 9On Carotid pulseStomach meridian landmark (on neck)
Stomach 17Center of nippleStomach meridian landmark (on chest)
Stomach 252 cun lateral to navel
Stomach 30On Femoral pulseStomach meridian landmark (in groin area)
Stomach 354 corners of the kneecapTim takes with Gb 33
Stomach 361 cun down from bottom outside kneecapStomach Go point; Treats all pain from the waist up; Cardinal point for the Stomach; Tim takes with Gb 34
Stomach 385 cun down from bottom outside kneecapMaster point for all pain below the waist; taken with St 39 & 40 to create vortex
Stomach 401 cun behind 38 (does a jog)Cardinal point for shoulder pain; taken with St 38 & 39 to create vortex
Stomach 41Center of the top of the ankle (inside)Important for ankles
Lung 50.5 cun inside elbow creaseGo point for the Lung; Cardinal point for lungs
Lung 9On bend of wrist (outside)Cardinal point for skin
Large Intestine 4In webbing between thumb and pointer finger"Joining of Valleys" infinite uses
Large Intestine 11End of skin fold at elbow (outside)Go point for the LI
Large Intestine 133 cun above end of skin fold at elbow (outside)Main hormone balancing point; used with LI 14 to balance hormones
Large Intestine 15Head of Humerus, outside shoulderImportant for shoulder and hip pain
Heart 8Bend ring and pinky finger down on palm; point is between these two fingersSedative point; Very important for wrist pain
Small Intestine 3 Outside end of crease at base of the pinky fingerImportant for pneumonia; Flu point; Very good for neck pain
Small Intestine 102 cun above the end of the armpit creaseProlongs effectiveness of treatment
Conception Vessel 2Top center of pubic boneLandmark for CV (bottom of meridian)
Conception Vessel 53 cun up from the center of the pubic bone
Conception Vessel 8Center of navelLandmark for CV;
Conception Vessel 124 cun up from center of the navel (half way between navel and sternum)
Conception Vessel 16Tip of the Xiphoid Process
Conception Vessel 17Center of Sternum between nipples