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10 Nov 1775Marine Corps Birthday, Tun Tavern Philadelphia, PA
3 March 17761st Amphibious Landing at New Providence, Bahamas, led by Capt Samuel Nicholas
1805Lt. Presley O'Bannon joined Prince Hamet to attack Libya. Given Mameluke sword, still used by officers. "SHORES OF TRIPOLI"
17 Oct 18205th Commandant, Archibald Henderson appointed to office. "Grand old man of the Marine Corps", served for 38 years as Commandant.
1846Mexican War, red stripe or "blood stripe" earned for heavy losses of NCOs and officers at Chapultepec. HALLS OF MONTEZUMA
1898Guantanomo Bay Cuba secured as naval base. SgtMaj John Quick awarded the Medal of Honor at Cuzco Wells.
1914Vera Cruz, Maj Smedley Butler awarded Medal of Honor, 1st Marine officer
1914Haiti, Maj Smedley Butler fought Cocoas to be awarded 2nd Medal of Honor
7 Dec 1941Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
1957Date office of Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps was established. Commandant's senior enlisted advisor
20 Feb 1962LtCol. John Glenn launched into the 1st US manmade capsule in oribit.
23 Oct 1983Marine Barracks bombed, killing 220 Marines in Beirut, Lebanon.