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sinus augmentation

Question Answer
the cumulative success rate of sinus elevation and implant placement is ___% at 4 years90%
a 10+ mm height can predictably be achieved with a ______ approachlateral approach
what is the largest sinus?maxillary sinus (15 cc volume)
what type of lining is found in the maxillary sinus?respiratory epithelium
the maxillary sinus opens into what in the nose?semilunar hiatus in middle meatus of nasal cavity
what is the neurovascular supply to the maxillary sinus?infraorbital, superior alveolar, ethmoidal
List Contraindications for sinus augmentation1 Max sinusitis(acute or chronic), Odontogenic infections, Inflammatory lesions, cysts, tumors, Severe allergic rhinitis, Alveolar scar, oral antral fistula, Medically compromised
Indications for sinus augmentation: less than ____ mm bone height, less than ____ mm bone width