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Question Answer
define: reversible inflammatory process in the soft tissue surrounding a functional implantPeri-implant mucositis
define: inflammatory process additionally characterized by loss of peri-implant bonePeri-implantitis
among the evidence that peri-implantitis does exist, 23 studies show an incidence rate of ____% of patients at the ____ year mark10%; 10 year
The 2 major pathogens associated with peri-implantitis, ____ ___ & ____ ___, start showing up after only 6 monthsP. gingivalis and T. forsythia
t/f: any implant device can get infected, including orthopedic implantstrue
size of the inflammatory lesion is ___ times larger with peri-implantitis2 times (compared to periodontitis)
t/f: peri-implant tissues are less resistant than periodontal tissues to bacterial invasiontrue
a major difference between the cellular concentration of peri-implant tissues compared to periodontal tissues is that there are more of what two types of cells?osteoclasts & neutrophils
t/f: teeth lost because of periodonititis have a 2x greater risk of peri-implantitistrue
3 main risk factors for peri-implantitisperiodontitis, smoking, diabetes
short-answer: is there any evidence that we can treat peri-implantitis?No
t/f: traditional perio tools should not be used on implantstrue (would scratch surface and increase ability to colonize)
t/f: there is evidence to show that antibiotics can be helpful in treatment of peri-implantitisno (no direct evidence)
t/f: surface decontamination can achieve substantial re-osseointegration of implantsFalse (cannot)