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diagnostic imaging

Question Answer
Optimal implant selection of site, and size is based on ______ and ______ of bonequantity and quality
_____% of implants encroach on anatomical structures, esp in the posterior ____33%; post mandible (IAC)
What are the 4 goals of pre-prosth implant imaging?Identify disease; Determine proximity of Anat Structures; Determine Bone quantity & quality; determine ideal implant position and orientation
What are 2 anatomical concerns in the maxilla?Sinus Nasal Fossa; Incisive Foramen (nasopalatine canal)
What are 2 anatomical concerns in the Mandible?Mandibular canal (IAC) & Mental Foramen
perforating into the _____ fossa is especially concerning because of the lingual artery and nervesubmandibular
perforating into the submandibular fossa is especially concerning because of the ______ artery and nerveLingual Art & Nerve
_____ cone technique is best for CT imagingLong cone (we use a 12 inch)
3 things that affect the radiographic image: size of the ____ spot, Distance between _____ and receptor (ideally short), and distance between receptor and ____ spot (ideally long)Focal spot; Tooth; Focal spot
___-___% of bone loss is necessary before it can be seen on the PA x-ray because the ____ plate is thicker25-30%; cortical
t/f: implant length is often inaccurately assessed with PA’strue
PA’s are a reliable tool for assessing implant lengthFalse (often inaccurately assessed)
only ___% of PA’s were accurate within 1 mm from crest of ridge to superior border of mandibular canal (for assessing implant length)53#
______ errors change implant assessment in PA’s and can be misleading regarding the length until anatomical structuresAngulation errors
When using a PAN and acrylic stent with metallic balls (of known diameter) to assess for implants, _____ _____ errors must be minimizedPatient Positioning
If the x-ray source is pointing up during taking a PAN image then _____ objects appear inferior to their anatomical location and ______ objects appear superior to their anatomical locationBuccal; Lingual
What is the only radiographic technique that is accurate for pre-surgical information in all 3 dimensions?CBCT
Traditional CT uses a _____ beam while the one used in dentistry has a _____ beamFan beam; Cone beam
What are the benefits of Cone beam versus Fan beam CT?Lower dose & Cheaper

AAOMR standards for CT in implant imaging

Question Answer
1) position patient in CT scanner with _______ plane parallel to the plane of section and determine the region to be imagedOcclusal
2) verify implant sites using ______ with non-______ radiopaque indicators (preferably based on diagnostic wax-ups)stents; non-metallic (gutta percha, radiopaque composite resin, barium paste)
3) evaluate the axial images to assure minimal patient _______movement
4) reformat the study using an appropriate _____-_____ software programMulti-planar
5) write a complex report which includes remarkable findings from the un__________ direct axial imagesunreformatted

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