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edentulous ridge (all about the site, i guess?)

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t/f: there is a conflict of interest between the FDA and implant companiestrue
cementum, PDL and alveolar bone proper all come from what part of embryological tooth germ tissue?Dental Follicle
In Atraumatic tooth extraction, goal is to break the ______ but leave the _____bone intactPDL; bundle
In a healing socket there is ____-____mm of epithelial growth per day (allowing you to tell patients healing time)0.5-1mm/day
Bone forms in healing extraction site in what direction?bottom of the socket outward
True bone healing takes greater than _____ months4 months (16 weeks)
The biology of ____ bone is distinct from other areas in a tooth extraction site with ______mm horizontal loss and ____ mm vertical lossBuccal; 3.8 mm(@ 6 mo); 1.5 mm
______ bone resorbs more than lingual bone of an extraction sitebuccal
_______ driven implant placement is the standard of careRestoration
t/f: bone driven implant placement is the standard of careFalse (restoration driven)
______ of extractions lead to buccal plate fracture, loss and dehiscence1/3
t/f: immediate implant placement permanently disrupts the vascular bedtrue
Immediate implant placement saves more vasculature since vasculature is resorbed during the healing process in the absence of the _____PDL
Buccal plate should > ____ mm thick to prevent resorption; this is especially difficult in the ______ region2 mm; Anterior region
t/f: immediate implant placement helps prevent ridge resorptionfalse
t/f: changes to the implant surface help prevent ridge resorptionfalse
t/f: platform switching helps prevent ridge resorption in implant placementtrue (0.5 mm less marginal bone loss)
what is the purpose of “platform switching”?keep bacteria from colonizing implant-abutment gap
In the esthetic zone, implants are designed with the _____ portion removed to accommodate the _____ bone lossbuccal; buccal
In the anterior zone, what thickness of buccal bone is necessary to consider immediate implant placement?>2 mm (to avoid buccal bone resorption and unesthetic result)
The bottom line of implant placement, you can prevent ridge _______ (maintain geometry) but there is no bone formation in the ______ portion of the socket with immediate implant placementshrinkage; coronal
_______ will maintain alveolar ridge geometry but only ________ _______ can grow bonebiomaterials; growth factors

socket healing timeline (matching)

Question Answer
blood clot formsimmediate
neutrophils then macrophages at healing site= granulation tissue2-3 days
early immature woven bone matrix with minimal mineralization = primary osteoid7 days (1 week)
socket filled with bone matrix30 days (1 mo)
socket barely visible, cortical bone over top of socket allows for primary stability of implant60 days (2 mo)
summary: soft tissue heals at _________-___ weeks4-8 weeks
summary: bone heals at _____ months4 months

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