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healing pattern of bone grown using membranes

Question Answer
at ___ months, spongiosa, original woven bone reinforced with parallel fiber- small blood vessels priced woven bone plate formation2 months
at ___ months, 36% of defect is filled by bone2 months
at ___ months, corticalized primary sponges and formation of secondary spongiosa with CANCELLEOUS bone remodeling4 months
at ___ months, 55% of defect is filled4 months
restoration of marrow cavities appears in the ____ or ____ month3rd or 4th
the net result of cancellous bone remodeling is a reduction in bone _____density
bone regeneration in membrane protected defect follows the pattern of _______ growth in extraction sitesintramembraneous
Growth factors are now included in membranes... but that hasn't changed the healing time of ___ to _________ months6-8 months
the key to atraumatic extraction and bone preservation is to disrupt/break the _____ firstPDL
socket preservation is not indicated if walls are > ___ mm1.5 mm
socket preservation with membrane barrier is indicated if walls less than ___ mm4 mm
block graft indicated if walls less than ____ mm2 mm
t/f: socket preservation prevents bone resorptionfalse (Socket preservation may aid in reducing bone loss but do not prevent bone resorption)