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Question Answer
Imperialismdirect or indirect control of one nation by another nation
colonydirect control by the imperial nation
Sphere of Influenceimperial power was the only one that could trade in the region. No other nation could do business in the region.
Social Darwinismidea that the stronger nations should survive while the weaker should be conquered
Sepoyhired Indian soldier
Berlin Conferencemeeting of leaders from 14 European nations who diveded the continent of Africa to control
BoersDutch people living in South Africa
Open Door Policyproposed by the United States to allow any country to trade with China
Meiji Restorationname given to the modernization of Japan by the Emperor
Monroe DoctrinePresident James Monroe issued a warning in 1823 warning Europeans not to build any new colonies in the Americas
Roosevelt CorollaryUS is a police force in the Western Hemisphere (the Americans)
Yellow journalismgreatly exaggerated newspaper stories which ultimately led to the War of 1898 (Spanish-American War)
Great White Fleetname given to the U.S, Naval fleet by President Theodore Roosevelt
protectoratesystem in which people have their own government, but the home country has a final in an important matters
viceroy a high British official who stands in for the British monarch