Immunology Buzz Words 1

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2 non-specific chemical defenses of bodyacidic pH and lysozymes
Ig first Ab in imune responseIgM
major antibody in secretionsIgA
major Ab in internal secretions (blood, CSF, lymph)IgG
valence of an Ig moleculeequal to number of antigens the Ab can bind
Ig that is a marker for mature B cells and antigen receptor for B cellsIgD
What is the only IgG that cannot bind to Staph protein AIgG3
Ig found as pentameter and activates complement IgM
which IgG cannot activate complementIgG4
cell surface marker to distringuish different stages in maturation of T cellsCD3
form of graft involves tissue or organ transplantation between identical twinsisograft/isogenic graft/syngraft
is Antigen/Ab binding irreversible?no, reversible because not linked covalently
term for single isolated antigenic determinenthapten (not immunogenic)
chromosome associated with MHC geneschrom 6


Question Answer
subdividsion of MHC found on all nucleated cells except RBC's and its 3 subtypesMHC I - subtypes A, B, C
protein used to differentiate MHC class I frm MHC class II and on what chromosome is it?B2-microglobulin (MHC I), on chrom 15
cell type recognizes MHC class Icytotoxic T (CD8)
substance secreted by activated helper T cells to induce T and B cell divisionIL-2
type of antigen recognized by B cellsfree unprocessed antigen
type of antigen recognized by T cellsprocessed antigenic peptides bound in groove of MHC molecule
which cell first secretes activating signals when Thelper binds to an APCthe T helper cell (cytokines activate the APC)
what 3 cells essential for T cell differentiation in thymusdendritic cell, macrophage, thymic epithelial cell
type of T cell that leaves bone marrowpre-T cell (unable to recongize antigen)
which cytokine stimulates stem cell differentiationIL-3
which co-stimulatory molecultes necessary for T and B cell signalling when bindingB7 and CD28
in LN where are B cells foundgerminal follicles
which Igs found in baby at birthmaternal IgG and infant IgM
cell surface markers found on B cells CD 19, 20, 21
cell surface marker on T cellsCD3
in what region of lymph node do plasma cells spend life secreting absmedulla
cell surface marker on activated T helper cellsCD40
region of LN where T cells found paracortex
myeloperoxidase uses H2O2 and what to generate additional oxidantshalide cofactor (Cl-, I-)
main cell type of chronic inflammationmacrophages
repeated gonococcal infections (ex neisseria) recurrent meningococcal meningitis means what is defficientC5, 6, 7, or 8
deficiency in C1 esterase (C1-INH) results in what dzhereditary angioedema
3 secondary lymphoid tissueslymph nodes, spleen, MALT (mucosal associated lymphoid tissue)
cell that never leaves lymph nodeplasma cell (in medulla)
b-cell deep area of spleenmarginal zone, follicles
major cell type found in red pulp of spleenRBCs (some T cells)