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Name the Two major functional domains of ImmunoglobulinsVariable region and Constant region
What is the function of the Variable region in an Ig?Unique to EACH antibody and binds to specifically to an antigen
What is the function of the Constant region in an Ig?Confers the effector function: agglutination, complement, opsonization, neutralization, ADCC (cytotoxic mediated)
What band in serum band harbors antibodies? How was this determined?gamma-globulin harbors serum immunoglobulins ; Myeloma tumor secretes Ig's.
What is the HINGE region of the immunoglobulin?Site where disulfide bond joins the heavy chains.
Where does the epiptote bind the immunoglobulin?N-terminal where Vh and VL join and create a pocket.
Describe the enzymatic cleavage of Ig by PAPAIN.Cleaves the disulfide bond N-terminal of Hinge - 2 identical Fab and 1 Fac
Describe the enzymatic cleavage of Ig by PEPSIN.Cleaves the disulfide bond C-terminal of Hinge - F(ab)'2
Describe the variable region of the immunoglobulin chains.Contains a relative constant (framework) and a hypervariable region (complementary determining region) that is the primary contact point of the antigen.
What is ADCC and how does it work?Ab-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity - IgG interacts w/ basophils, eosinophils, NK cells, and macrophages causing release of enzymes.
How do IgA cross epithelial cells?Binds to poly-Ig, secretory portion and IgA are exocytosed.

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IsotypesConstant heavy chain changes; Determine class: G, A, M, E, D
AllotypesAllelic form of same protein and same member. Few amino acids differences in both heavy and light chains.
IdiotypesServe as a clonal marker; same constant region, but difference variable region

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Contains a secretory componentIgA
multimericIgM and IgA
J chain onlyIgM
Good at agglutinationIgM - pentavalent
Fix complement (Classical Pathway)IgM
Opsonization via Cr1IgM
Neutralizes toxins and virusesIgG
High affinity, long half-life, and high serum levelsIgG
Opsonization via Fc Receptor binding IgG
ADCC efficient IgG (3, 1, 2, 4)
Binds to FcRnIgG
Crosses placentaIgG
Made by newbornsIgM
Found in gut, respiratory, genitourinary tracts, saliva, tears, and breast milk.IgA
Mucosal surfacesIgA
J and S chainIgA
Mostly intravascularIgM
equally intravascular and extravascularIgG
Found in mature B-cellsIgD
On basophils and mast cellsIgEI
In milkIgG and IgA
Anti-viral activityIgG and IgA
Binds to poly-Ig ReceptorIgA

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Describe fluorescent microscpyDirect - fluorescent Ab binds to antigen; Indirect - Antigen-Ab complex, human anti-Ig has fluorescent tag
Flow cytometrydetects presence and intensity. Mark T and B cells with antibody, followed by analysis
ELISAquantitatively measures amount of antigen and antibody
Comb's Test Rh agglutination
Therapeutic monoclonalderived from clonal populations of cells, thus same EPIPTOTE
Therapeutic polyclonalMixture of antibodies that bind to same ANTIGEN, but at different epiptote