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Active immunitynatural immunologic response to antigen
Passive immunityadministration of antibodies not produced by the host

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Killed vaccines usually require booster dosesTrue
Live attenuated vaccines usually require booster dosesFalse
Oral vaccines tend to be live vaccinesTrue
Toxoids are inactive bacterial toxins combined with aluminum saltsTrue
Antitoxins are vaccines from people who are immunized then antibodies are harvestedFalse
Hepatitis B vaccine works best when given in the abdomenFalse
Better response of hepB vaccine when 3rd dose given 12 months versus 6 monthsTrue
It is better to give live vaccines and immunoglobulins at the same timeFalse
Two inactivated vaccines may be given at the same timeTrue

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Examples of live vaccinesbacille calmette-guerin, MMR, oral typhoid, yellow fever, varicella, oral polio
Examples of inactivated vaccinescholera, haemophilius influenza B, japenese encephalitis, lyme disease, pertussis
Examples of toxoidsdiptheria, tetanus
Examples of immunoglobulinshepatitis b, rabies, varicella-zoster, IVIG, Rho, CMV

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