Immuno pharm

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rituximab MOA & clinical useBind CD20 limiting B cell proliferation, B cell nonhodgkin's lymphoma
muromonab MOA, clinical, SEBinds to CD3 blocking T cell induction "3 stooges are a bunch of morons" immunosuppression after kidney transplant, SE-cytokine release syndrome
cytokine release syndrome!muromonab
cyclosporine MOAbinds to cyclophilin which decreases calcineurin -> decr T cell transcription factors-> decr IL-2 production
IL2 functionrecruit T cells & B cells
cyclosporine SEnephrotoxicity, gingival hyperplasia, hirsutism
inactivated by pineapple juice within the GI tractcyclosporine, tropical fruit inactivates it while graefruit may enhance
blocks T cell differenation and activationcyclosporine
inhibits cytokine secretiontacrolimus
pt w/recent kidney transplant is on cyclosporine f/immunosuppression. Requires antifungal f/candidiases. what drug would result in cyclosporine toxicityketaconazole
sirolimusSEEroLIMus (sees IL2, limits TCell proliferation) SE: non-nephrotoxic(kidney SIRvives)
prevents IL-2 transcriptioncyclosporine, tacrolimus
prevents response to IL2sirolimus
Infliximab MOA, clinicalINFL-iximab(inflammatory bowel)TNF-a inhibitor"an ENTERCEPTion INFLIX pain in Thurs NFL(TNF-a) game making a player yell CRAP
etanercept MOA, clinicalTNF-a inhibitor"an ENTERCEPTion INFLIX pain in Thurs NFL(TNF-a) game making a player yell CRAP
adalimumabpain in DA LIMbs(same as inflixting pain) so MOA is TNF-a, clinical is CRAP


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Tricyclic MOAblocks reuptake of NE & serotonin and block alpha 1 receptors, anti histamine(SE sedation) anticholinergic(atrophine SE)
Tricyclic SEcardiotoxicity!!! coma, convulsions(seizures), hypotension(block alpha 1), sedation(antihistamine)
drugs for epilepsytricyclics
1st line tx for chronic painamytripolene
SSRI’s are used over tricyclics because theyhave less SEs
atropine like side effectstricyclics
Imipraminetricyclic antidepressant
antidepressant with anticholinergic SEtricyclics
nortriptylineleast amount of effects on BP
desipramineleast amount of side effects over all
clomipraminetricyclic antidepressant used for OCD
TCA antidotesodium bicarbonate, benzodiazepines
SertralineSSRI, PTSD
fluoxetineSSRI, depression
paroxetineSSRI, social phobia, pre mature ejaculation
SSRI SEanorgasmia, Serotonin syndrome
Buproprionfor smoking cessation, incr NE & DA use for nicotine addiction
Alprazolambenz, panic disorders
Flourazepambenz, longest acting
Clonazepambenz, absence seizures
triazolambenz, puts u to sleep
Tamazepambenz, sleep
benz MOAincr frequency of Cl- channels
midazolambenz, anterograde amnesia
benz antagonistflumazenil
why would u take benz over barbless cardiac depression
chlorpromazinelow potency, dear BP by blocking Alpha 1
Thioridazinelow potency: cause iris prigmentation
promethazinehigh potency, anti emetic in children
fluphenazinehigh potency, anti psychotic, depot form
low potency SEmore sedative than high
high potency SEmore neuro effects/more Extrapyramidal symptoms
typical MOAwork on dopamine(high potency/low potency)
atypicals have no effect on prolactin exceptrisperidone
atypicals have higher affinity for serotonin exceptclozapine
haloperidolhigh potency, inhaled anesthetic that causes hepatitis & touter's
Clozapine: atypical, SE: agranulocytosis, enutropenia, seizures
Question Answer
olanzapineatypical, SE weight gain
rispiradoneatypical, SE incr prolactin, tx autism
beantolantiumantidote to pt on MAO who ate fruit
MAO MOA: incr serotonin, NE, dopamine
Question Answer
MAO f/parkinson'sselegeline
SE fetal hepatotoxicity(necrosis)valproic acid, halothane, acetaminophen
TQ SE of paroxetineserotonin syndrome(hypothermia, confusion, seizures, diarrhea)
duloxetine SEaffects movement
anyone on MAOis should avoid fruit bctyrosine
Epsteins anomalyvalproic acid
Valproic acid MOAblock Na, then block Ca
contraindication for valproic acidsplit spine
eclampsia related seizuresdiazepam(also a m relaxer)
SE nephrogenic diabetes insipiduslithium
valproic acid SEneural tube defects, split spine, bone marrow supression
drug for tonic clonic seizuresvalproic acid
valproic acid contraindicated inpregnant woman