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Problem w/ killed / ML (modified live) vaccinesNeed to make sure it doesnt potentiate/promote a dz (such as FIP cat being given vax & it makes MORE antibody)
Prob w/killed vax(1) Have adjuvants which can cause severe inflammation (vaccine induced feline sarcomas)
(2) Increased need for mult doses- hypersensitivity rxns in some individuals
(3) Killed vaccines tend to induce a Th2 dom response, when you might need a Th1 response
Probs w/ MLMight be contaminated w/ other live organisms (2) Live thing may possess residual virulence (for that animal, & other animals/ppl) ex) Brucella abortus (used to be strain 19, now it's strain RB51 - Best part is you can tell its the vaccine organism, & not an exposed animal)
Genetically engineered vaccines are... (2)Live Attenuated, Recombinant subunit/vectored vaccines
Subunit vax - whats in it? Pros & consOnly contain antigens that best stim immune system good:lower chance of rxn, bad: will have adjuvants, long time to fig out which adjuvants
Only "subunit" vax meansNo genetic engineering (just break apart microbe, instead of genetically growing antigens) (if she says recombination subunit, then she means genetically engineered)
How do you genetically engineer things?DNA for antigen put into plasmid, put in bact, bact grows those genes, & then protein is purified & used for vax
Probs w/ genetically subunitsPurified protein may not be exactly the same (not folded the same etc)
Ex of a genetic subunit vax?FeLV (Lyme too but not a good vax)
Recombinant vectored vaccines - vector means? What do you do in this vax?The vector is the virus/bacterium used as the carrier (carrier of thing we cant to develop immunity against). Live expression vectors into which genes from a pathogen have been inserted (put genes into them of pathogen of interest) into a living organism
What do we usually use as a vector for recombinant vectored vaccines?Usually virus w/ large genome, bacteria (Ex: avirulent strain of Salmonella)
Recombinant vectored vaccines what happen when vax?Attenuated virus carrying genetic material ferry microbial DNA to cells of vaccinated animal (vector & genes of pathogens BOTH expressed)
Benefit of recombinant vectored vaccines?More like a natural infection, so more natural response, no adjuvant
What kinda response are we looking for w/ recombinant vectored vaccines?Get a CMI response
Ex of recombinant vectored vaccines?Rabies vaccine for cats (put gene for rabies into canary pox virus) cat make Ab to antigens but not infected bc not affected by canary pox
Can animal vaccinated w/ recombinant vectored vaccines get the dz?No bc usually just one protein of the wanted immunity virus, not an organism capable of infecting of that dz
Protein of subunit vs recombSub = Prot will lack features of native protein. Protein is injected (exogenous antigen) so MHC-II path TH2 response. Need adjuvant
Recomb = Protein will be like native protein, endogenous antigen bc in cell, MHC-I path Th1 response, no adjuvant

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