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Question Answer
DTaPgiven to children younger than 7 years of age
HPV vaccine females3 dose series between ages 11-12 years with catch up vaccination at age 13-26 years. vaccination can begin at 9 years.
HPV vaccine males9-26 years of age HPV4 or HPV9
CDC recommends everyone _ months and older get flu vaccine6 months
children _____ who have not previously gotten at least 2 doses influenza before july 1 2015 require 2 doses given 4 weeks apart6 months through 8 years
FluMistlive attenuated vaccine-quadrivalent. healthy people 2-49 years of age
fluarixtrivalent or quadrivalent
flulavaltrivalent or quadrivalent
fluzonetrivalent or quad
afluriatrivalent. give after age 9 children
flucelvaxtrivalent grown in cell culture. 18 years or older
fluzone high dosetrivalent high dose grown in eggs. 65 years or older
flubloktrivalent egg free
fluzone intradermalquadrivalent 18-64 years of age
MMRlive vaccine. store in freezer only. store diluents in refrigerator. give SQ.
Havrixhep A
Vaqtahep A
EngerixB, Recombivax HB hep B
twinrixhep A and B
Gardasil HPV 4 or 9
MenactraMCV4 (meningococcal)
menveoMCV4 (minengococall)
menomuneMPSV4 (meningococcal)
PRevnar 13PVC13. give IM. 65 years or older
Pneumovax 23PPSV23. give IM or SQ. 65 years or older and some children and adults 2-64
65 year oldif has already gotten PCV13 then dont need again. just 23. if never got it then get it and get PPSV23 one year later.
Tdroutine boosting every 10 years or if wound deep or dirty revaccination if more than 5 years since last dose.
Tdapone time dose to adults never have gotten. give asap to pregnant women or post-partum, clost contacts of infants younger than age 12 months (grandparents)
varivax -VARchickenpox.
zostavax- ZOSherpes zoster/shingles. 60 and older. store vaccine in refrigerator and diluent in fridge. given SQ
do not give varivax or zostavax if allergy togelatin or neomycin
typhoid vivotif berna oral capsule that is refrigerated and is live.
yellow fever (YF-VAX)give SQ reconstituted.
acetaminophen before vacciantion?no cuz can decrease response. can use after
storage of vaccinescant use dormitory style fridge (freezer must have seperate door). store on shelves away from walls and not in door of freezer or fridge. read temps at least twice during workday.
keep vaccine temp logs at least3 years.
store vaccines that are refrigerated at temp____35 and 46 degrees F
store frozen vaccines temp ____-58 and 5 F
IM injections given indeltoid muscle thickest part above armpit but below acromium. 90 degree angle
IM injections needle sizerequire 1 inch needle or 1.5 inch if women above 200 pounds or men 260 pounds. use a 22-25 gauge needle.
SC injections given infatty tissue over the triceps
SC injections needle size5/8 inch 23-25 gauge needle 45 degree angle
which vaccines SUBQ?MMR, varicella, zoster, MPSV, PPSV23 (can be IM too)
influenza A is further categorized into subtypes on teh basis of two surface antigenshemagglutinin and nueraminadase. immunity to surface antigens reduces likelihood of infection. antigenic drifts and shifts (about every 30 years major shift can cause pandemic)
flu spreads primarily byrespiratory droplets. abrupt onset of illness.