Immunizations- overall info

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immunization reccs written byCDC advisory committee on immunization practices
updates are published in themorbidity and mortality weekly report
thimerosalmercury containing preservative. removed from most childhood vaccines
british reseracher who falsified information concluding MMR caused autisimandrew wakefield
federal law requires patients receive...the most up to date version of the vaccine information statement (VIS, updated version on CDC website
gelatinporcine derived, used as stabilizer. most religious leaders permit though
active immunityimmunity produced by persons own immune system
passive immunityprotection by antibody containing products produced by anmial or human and transferred to a human (antibodies from mom before birth)
inactivated vaccine and antibodycan be given same time
vaccine given first wait (varicella or MMR) ___before give antibody2 weeks
antibody given first wait ___ before give vaccine (MMR or varicella)3 months or longer
administering live or inactivated on same day or same visit does not decrease antibody response and not increase rate adverse eventsaccording to ACIP, with one exception, simultaneous admin of vaccines currently available in US acceptable. exception is children with functional or anatomic asplenia the PCV13 and Menactra meningococal seperated by at least 4 weeks
if live vaccines are not given same visit, should be seperated by at least 4 weeks
increasing the interval between doses of multidose does not diminish effectiveness after all done butmay delay more complete protection
decreasing the interval between doses of multidose vaccine may interfere with antibody response and protection
live vaccines and tuberculosis testokay same day but if live given recently then wait 4 weeks before placing tuberculosis test.
after giving vaccine should monitor for at least 15 minutes
providors shoudl report adverse reactions toVAERS= vaccine adverse events reporting system
epi pen 1-3 doses every5-10 mins. lie patient flat
2 important precautions to live vaccinesimmunosuppreession and pregnancy
MMR and varicella contraindicatedHIV patients with CD4 t lymphocyte counts <200 cells/mm3
aspleniaPCV13 and 23 should be given
Td boosters every10 years