Immunity 4

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What are the precautions for Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine)?Antimalarial. Toxic to retina. Need baseline eye exam & a periodic evaluation of the eyes every 6 months
What are the precautions for gold salts?Nitrite reaction. Nitrogen overdose. S/S hypotension, flushing, lightheadedness, and fainting
What is a precaution for methotrexate?Monitor liver function- alcohol use.
What type of hypersensitivity is Lupus?Type III, or immune complex, hypersensitivity involves immune complexes that are formed when antigens bind to antibodies.
What is the top 3 reasons for death in order for Lupus?1. Renal 2. Heart 3. CNS involvement (watch for behavior changes)
Factors that trigger lupus:1. Sunlight 2. Stress 3. Pregnancy 4. Drugs
8 Clinical manifestations for SLE1. Joint pain and decreased mobility 2. Fever 3. Nephritis 4. Pleural effusion 5. Pericarditis 6. Abdominal pain 7. Photosensitivity 8. HTN
What are the 6 medications for Lupus?1. ASA/ NSAIDS 2. Hydroxychloroquine 3. Glucocorticoids (lowest dose) 4. Immunosuppressives 5. Gamma globulin (IgG) 6. Plasmapheresis
What type of hypersensitivity is rheumatoid arthritis?Type 3.
What is scleroderma?Multisystem disease that presents with fibrosis (hardening) of visceral organs and the skin
What test is used to dx scleroderma?SCL-70 antibody
What type of antigen does Type A blood have? antibodies?A. Anti-B antibodies.
What type of antigen does Type AB blood have? antibodies?AB. No antibodies- universal recipient
What type of antigen does Type O blood have? Antibodies?No antigens. Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies. Universal Donor
What is a hemolytic reaction to blood transfusion?Blood cells are lysing. 1. Chills/ fever 2. Urticara 3. Tachycardia 4. Chest pain or tightness 5. SOB dyspnea 6. Lumbar pain 7. N/V 8. Lung crackles/wheezing 9. Hematoria 10. Hypotension 11. anaphylactic shock
What are the bacteria (pyrogenic) reaction to a blood transfusion?1. chills/ fever 2. hypotensive 3. flushed skin 4. abdominal pain 5. Pain in extremities 6. Vomiting diarrhea
What are the Allgeric reactions to a blood transfusion?1. Urticara 2. itching 3. swelling of the tongue 4. face swelling 5. dyspnea 6 edema 7. shock
What are the circulatory overload reactions to a blood transfusion?1 Cough, 2 dyspnea, 3 pulmonary congestion, 4 headache, 5 hypertension

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