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How do "centralized” media organizations operate?They control all aspects of media production and distribution.
What three elements are needed for convergence? Computing; telecommunications; media
Many newspaper journalists are now expected to write stories and shoot videos. What broader convergence issue does this demonstrate?Communications professionals have multiple job roles today.
What is one impact of social media on our privacy?Maintaining privacy is harder than it was before social media existed.
Cultural convergence says that media companies will continue to produce messages for large audiences, but according to this view, audiences will more frequently receive what?Personalized messages tailored to the needs of the individual
How have advertisers responded to peoples' use of digital video recorders to fast-forward through commercials?They have increasingly used product placements in television shows.
Which statement best describes the relationship between the television and the movie industries in the twentieth century?The two industries have frequently competed for audiences.
Why is viral marketing an efficient way of promoting products?It involves people discussing products for free.
Which statement best describes the recent trend in media ownership? Media companies are being consolidated into larger companies.
Synchronous media __________.require the audience to be assembled simultaneously with the broadcast, transmission, or event
How would critical theorists respond to news reports about a new study that examined the effects of social media on consumers? They would criticize the study if it had a strong scientific foundation
__________ media such as newspapers or magazines do not require the audience to assemble at any given time.Asynchronous
The phrase "produsers” combines which two words?Producers; users
The "Charlie Bit My Finger” video the fragmented nature of Web audiences makes defining a "mass” extremely difficult
How does product placement in film and television demonstrate the principles of convergence?Viewers see a mix of normal programming and advertising content.
What is a potentially dangerous result of audience fragmentation?Audience members choose to receive only the news and information that reinforce their beliefs and values.
The correlation function of mass communication is important because __________.he media help individuals understand their roles within society and culture by interpreting events and issues and ascribing meaning to them
What impact has the cell phone had on planning social events with friends?Social events are more spontaneous now that people have cell phones.
The main functions of mass communication are cultural transmission, correlation, __________, and __________.surveillance; entertainment
What phenomenon is demonstrated when a show that's produced in the United States (Sex and the City, for example) becomes wildly popular in another country?Cultural convergence

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